THE ULTIMATE BATTLE: Toning vs Bulking. What to do to get what you want!

February 1, 2018







Light weights / high reps???











Heavy Weights / Low Reps???


Always a showdown (and typically a show in gender politics), the perception that the low weight/ high rep combo tones while the heavy weight/low rep combo bulks continues to perplex exercisers everywhere. 


It's that old stereotype of being one or the other- the bulked-up dudes, sweaty and high-fiving over a loaded up squat bar OR a Pilates princess kicks smoothly toward the sky on the other side of the gym. 


Where do you go? Who do you want to be??


And the answer is... 




You want to be yourself. 


Pretty easy answer right? And no, I'm not trying to fool you or give a cop out answer. There is no magical process that will transform you into the person you want to be. The reality is that if you are a 140 lb, sedentary woman, it will take a LOT of work and a huge increase in protein intake to get to the rippling muscle, Miss Olympia status.


Basically, You'd have to give up your day job.



Bodybuilders can be found gym-bound for 8 hours a day while disallowing even an extra ounce of brown rice in their diet, let alone have a glass of wine or GASP! a donut. 


What heavy-weight training accomplishes is to more quickly break down the muscle. Resting then allows the muscle to rebuild and a proper Macro mix of protein, carbs and fat helps to increase muscle mass. 


Conversely, a high repetition of light weights will definitely increase caloric expenditure but will not break down the muscle as severely, however, yet again, a proper Macro mix of protein, carbs and fat helps to increase muscle mass.


Therefore, the winner of the body changing battle is a surprise contender- YOUR DIET.


What and how much you eat is the biggest controller of what your body composition will be. 


Here are a few ways to earn the body YOU want:


1) Look in the Mirror

      Take a few minutes and give yourself a full assessment. Write down what your goals are and what drives you nuts. This way, you will be able to formulate a plan that is tailored to what you want to achieve. If you don't know what you want, how are you gonna get it? 


2) Research

      Try your hand at a few different things, be it Spinning, squats, heavy weights, light-weights, Pilates, plyometrics, cardio, kickboxing, etc. Take classes, look online, learn the right form and try different modifications of each exercise.  


3) Plan

      SCHEDULE IT IN! Skipping workouts does your body bad. Skipping rest days is just as bad. Do your body a favor and start treating it right by scheduling at least three workouts per week but no more than six. Your body needs that rest to rejuvenate and re-build. Put your research into your plan and try a few different things per week. Soon, you'll gravitate toward something you love to do, and you can make it more challenging as you go by adding weight or time or speed. 


4) Measure

      Take pics along your journey. It's easy to lose sight of your progress, especially after weeks have gone by and you don't see a change. It takes time. As you've heard millions of times before, serious change does not happen overnight. It may take you weeks, months, even years depending on your dedication and consistency. 


5) Hire a Professional

     I know. This is a lot of stuff to digest. Monitoring these can be a full-time job... and it is. Trainers are professionals who are entrenched in every type of exercise and know the best ways to maximize your results. They do the planning, research, measuring and coaching to get you where you want to be, so you don't have to start pulling another 40 hour work week. 


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THE ULTIMATE BATTLE: Toning vs Bulking. What to do to get what you want!

February 1, 2018

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