Summer Sweat Series, Workout 1

September 10, 2015

Today we are in our very own backyard. 


 Definitely excited to get started, we overtook a soccor field on the Saucon Valley bike trail that we are lucky enough to be right in front of.



So, in keeping with the promise of NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED, we came armed with only our sneaks, Heart Rate Monitors,  and some much needed agua. We got one of our advisors, Audrey, to perform the exercises for us- you know, by luring her outside with the promise of sunshine and happiness and then breakin' out the camera.


For the workouts: 

All you have to remember is the number 3. Do each of the exercises for 3 reps, rest rest 3 secs, then repeat 2 more times. Then, go to the next exercise. Once your done, repeat THE WHOLE WORKOUT 2 more times. If you can.


Remember to breathe, hydrate and use the right form. Remember, if you feel sore/get winded/feel anything but just normal exhaustion, STOP IMMEDIATELY. Don't do any workout unless you have consulted a physician and know your limits. Come on guys- like we chant at Svelte- EVERYONE IS UNIQUE! We aren't there watching you, so if something feels weird, just come see us- that's why we're here. So, be careful and go at your own pace. And have fun!





WARM UP by jogging in place. Stretch your legs, arms, and whole body. 


1) High Knees


Complete as many high knees as you can for 1 minute. Keep your head and neck aligned with your spine and lift those legs! Remember to BREATH while you count to 60.

2) Jumping Lunge 



Begin in lunge position with your back straight, front leg bent at a 90 degree angle, opposite elbow reaching the front knee. then jump in the air and switch your legs to end in a lunge position with the opposite leg and other elbow forward. 1 rep is landing on each side once.


3) Side Kicks 



We had a convenient set of benches in our field, so we did these elevated. If you have a stable bench, use it, but make sure its not too high. Start with one leg stabilized on the bench or ground. With the other leg on the ground or behind you in a lunge position if you don't have a bench, bring that knee forward and kick your leg to the side, trying to bring it as parallel as possible to the ground (make sure you don't hyperextend your knees). Bring the knee back forward and lower your foot to the ground. One rep is one side kick on each side.


4) Pushups with a plank 


Still using the bench, we start in a plank position with hands placed just slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Bend elbows and complete a pushup, keeping your butt low and abs tight.  After 3 pushups, stay in plank position for 10 seconds. This is one rep.

4) Sprints 


Using the goal posts as handy markers, we made Audrey touch down and sprint to the other goal down the field (about 50 yards) and then back. That is one rep.If that seems too long or too short (runners) modify to what feels achievable for you. 


 RINSE AND REPEAT!!! Remember to cool down by jogging about- or just walking, depending on how beat up you feel. Always stretch everywhere, even if you don't feel tight. 


GREAT JOB! See you next week for another butt-kicking session :) #livesvelte




 (Thought this guy was a cute and convincing leaf.)


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