Sweaty Summer Sendoff Series

August 22, 2015

WHAAAT? It's End of August already?? Where did the Summer go?!?!


In honor of Summer '15 and to get us revving up for the fall season, we at Svelte are setting up an online workout series that'll start on Wednesday, September 9th and run 'till the official last day of summer, Wednesday, September 23rd.  That's 3 workouts to SWEAT OUT that last droplet of summer before the winds begin to change...


Here's what the workouts will focus on:


Total Body Conditioning

Bodyweight movements (If you have weights, the more the merrier!)

Go anywhere workouts so you can enjoy the fresh air 


Tips for each workout:


1) Only go at your pace. We put the workouts out there, but we all know that one size never fits all. As long as the form is right, push to YOUR hardest, without sacrificing form, and you'll see and feel the results you're body is asking for.


2) HYDRATE!!!! Especially in this heat, your body needs a constant source of water. So carry a water bottle with you always. You can think of it as a teeny, life-saving, workout-improving, "dumbbell".  


3) Add weight when you can. Backyard workout? Splurge on a couple lighter weights to use during the workout. Remember, "lighter" is relative. Light weights to a beginner is a LOT less than someone more advanced. A general rule of thumb is to use weights that you can do punches with; weights that don't make you feel like you're pulling muscles out of their sockets. 


*BONUS* Groove to some tunes. We will feature a suggested playlist so you can set your moves to a matching pace. The songs are just a fun suggestion, definitely not neccessary. So if some hard-core metal or soft-crooning country is gonna energize you more, GO FOR IT! :) 


Hope to see you Wednesday!!




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