At Svelte, we envision a world in which every person has the opportunity and encouragement to get to his or her own peak place physically and mentally. Too often our health and fitness goals and aspirations fall to the wayside. We can kick that habit- together.


First we assess you to make sure we figure out the path you should go. Whether you want a little light conditioning while chatting about last night's movie or you need some all-out sweat sessions to cut that envious lower-hip V, we can figure out the plan to get you going. In essence, we clear the canvas and give you the necessary tools. It's up to YOU to create your masterpiece.


Check out some of the avenues we use to get you there:

            Personal Training


One-on-one sessions are crafted beforehand by your advisor. You just come to your session and sweat it out. Following the program is the name of the game.

           Multi-Personal Training

For those who need a buddy. Or a partner in crime. Or a sounding board. Or a little friendly competition. For any reason, one advisor can oversee up to three people in one session- its all about your time and how you want to spend it. 

           Group Classes


Being one among others is crucial at times when you don't want the focus just on you (you know, like on that 3rd mountain climb in spin class), but need the motivation that comes from being surrounded by like-minded energy. 



Draw out the coveted envious stare with one practiced and seamless swish. Get the best steps from our best teachers, no matter your skill level. Getting married? Having an event? Get in touch, we have packages to suit any type of wedding and budget.



You won't see much change on the outside without changing what goes in. It's a lifestyle, once adopted, one can extend and improve the quality of life. Our trainers have extensive backgrounds in nutrition; after our initial assessment, we outfit you with a personalized, detailed nutrition plan so you can see the changes you work so hard to create.