Is Svelte for you?


        You name it, we've heard it. Kids, work, school, exhaustion: so many excuses, so much unused time. Sometimes you just need a sanctuary, to be surrounded by like-minded people aspiring and working hard to be fitter, healthier and happier. We are all different, but all dependent on our own bodies to take us through the rough road of life.


         At Svelte, we know that its not just about getting in pretty physical shape. Its more about motivation, fun and confidence. So come by and get motivated to have fun and be confident in your body. We can help!  

Origin Story...


        It all started with our diminutive power-leader Joanna. Her vision: one place for all to go for total-body healing. A dancer to the core she got her start in some of the hottest spots in NYC. She made a family-based move to the beautiful Lehigh Valley and established her first footing out of a small studio addition to her home. The word spread, and the as-yet unfulfilled need for a focused, fresh perspective to personal health, fitness training and expression in movement began to find its answer. 


        SO, with a change of scenery and a fresh faced arrival, the Svelte studio we all know and love found its form. And we are so happy to be able to see Joanna's vision come to fruition. We hope our steps keep us moving into the future, and that everyone will join us in our dance!